Saturday, July 9, 2011

video clips showing examples of Hollywood Racism

The TV Show Seinfeld racism

video 1

video 2

walter and the bottle of water

Hollywood racism: Hancock vs Superman

Quentin Tarantino Cannot make movies without dehumanizing blacks

Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino multiple use of the n word

in the "Alamo" Racist Hollywood tries to downplay the struggle of slavery by showing a former slave so devoted to his former master that he gives his life for him, in the name of freedom

Racist Hollywood hates to see the black guy make it out of the war zone. They constantly reinforce racist stereotypes of blacks in combat. The worst part about the Veitnam flicks is the fact that at the same time back home, blacks were being treated like shit and forced to fight "the whiteman's" battles overseas. Man fuck hollywood!

Friday the 13th 2009- Just another slasher flick where the black guy gets killed

3 Oscar nominated films that show negative stereotypes about blacks

Denzel Washington who portrayed civil rights activist Malcolm X loses academy award

In this scene, the woman in the interracial relationship, schools the neighbors daughter on her relationship with a white man. she tells the girl that she should like her boyfriend alot, especially if he's white. WTF! I guess if he's black you only have to like him a little or not at all. Racist Hollywood strikes again with another stab at the black man.

In Batman the dark knight the Joker kills every black men he sees. this looks like a genocidal rampage to me

"cooning" in the movie cop out

Martin Sorcese's use of the n-word dehumanizing blacks

Crimson Tide was good, suspenseful and well made, until the last act fell apart with this scene

In the 80's it was common to show blacks and black neighborhoods as violent crime areas, and blacks were to be treated like animals and 2nd class citizens. Don't believe me, watch a Dirty Harry movie.

Sometimes a film trailer can make or break a film, the brilliant minds behind the trailer for Charlie st Cloud decided they didn't want any money from "blacks" when they cut trailer #3

Just a few negative portrayals of Asians in racist Hollywood

The Movie "Crash" is white supremacist movie

The princess and the frog: The propaganda machine known as Walt Disney Pictures, strikes again with a two pronged attack. First they attack the black family unit by killing Tianna's father off and showing her "make it" without a strong black male influence and to top it off, she ends up with a prince from some made up place, why can't he be from some made up place in Africa? Second, in an attempt to rewrite history, the propagandists don't make any mention of the rampant racism and bigotry that was prevalent in the Jazz era south.

Negative stereotypes of Blacks in Transformers 1 and 2

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