Thursday, July 7, 2011

documentaries and examples of racism of Hollywood

Yellow face the documentary

part 2 to 5 are on youtube

Reel Bad Arabs- How Hollywood Vilifies a People

rest of the documentary is on youtube

documentary which explores the dehumanizing of Arabs and middle easterners in movies

examples of recent cases of Hollywood whitewashing and racism

in last few days there are reports of Ben Affleck white actor will portray himself as Tony Mendez CIA agent in "Argo" in real life Mendez is a Latino CIA agent who help free hostages from Iran after the Islamic Iranian revolution

in the movie adaptation of "The Hunger Games" hollywood choses a white blonde woman Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen who in the original story is described has having dark hair and olive skin

Hollywood is remaking the Japanese animated Akita they decided to only ask for White Actors to portray lead roles with Japanese names. who would watch a movie with white men using Japanese names? despite opposition, anger and outrage from the Asian American community and the public nothing is been changed at this time

in the proposed remake of 21 jump street a 1980s tv show. in the original show the lead role was a black american female dn the cast was racially diverse having asian and black actors. hollywood decide to use a white woman in the lead role and when this news was reported no black and asian actors were selected looks like this new remake will be an all white cast

In February 2011 CBS sent out a racist casting call in their proposed tv show "two broke girls" they are looking for an east Asian immigrant called "Rice Lee" who is a socially stunted and is repeatedly mocked and corrected by his white co-workers, can't speak English properly, can't wear his pants correctly, and don't understant holidays

The movie extraordinary measures which was released in January 2010. it is based on true story of a doctor who cured Pompe disease. the doctor is a Taiwanese doctor

In his review, Mr. Ebert writes:

Dr. Robert Stonehill doesn’t exist in real life. The Pompe cure was developed by Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen and his colleagues while he was at Duke University. [...] Harrison Ford, as this film’s executive producer, perhaps saw Stonehill as a plum role for himself; a rewrite was necessary because [Ford] couldn’t very well play Dr. Chen. The real Chen, a Taiwan University graduate, worked his way up at Duke from a residency to professor and chief of medical genetics at the Duke University Medical Center. [Chen] has been mentioned as a Nobel candidate.

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