Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hollywood Racism: The Movies "Legion" and "Jurassic Park"

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Hollywood rules of Racism and White Supremacy

Rule # 1 The number one racist rule of Hollywood is "ALWAYS REINFORCE the STEREOTYPE" no matter how trivial. This rule works both ways. It perpetuates the theory of white supremacy and it can perpetuate the racist stereotypes whites created to make blacks and other non-whites look inferior.

Rule # 2 The RACE MIXING rule states that if a black character has, hints at, or attempts sex with a white woman he must be beaten, humiliated, or killed. Also, black on black relationships should be seen as uncommon. A strong black family unit must be broken up or damaged.

Rule # 3 The "LANDO COWARDICE ACT" states that racist Hollywood filmmakers, must make sure blacks look weak and act cowardly and if possible put the hero in jeopordy.

Rule # 4 The "DROOL RULE" states that a black character must sweat profusely and drool saliva or blood.

Rule # 5 The "DIE SCREAMIN NIGGA!" rule states that a black character must always die screaming and begging for help.

Rule # 6 The SAVED BY THE WHITE MAN rule states that the white man must be seen as the savior of mankind whenever possible, thus perpetuating the theory of white supremacy. No matter if it is one person, a whole tribe, a nation or the world, they must be saved by the white man!

Rule # 7 The RENAISSANCE RULE (or rebirth) this rule states that America's racist past must be re-written into something more socially tolerable for whites. This includes the civil rights era, slavery, colonialism and even the past few decades. This rule aids in the whitewashing of the past, and it creates and updated visual representation of the past for future generations.

my addition to the above rule

Rule # 8 The RACEBENDING RULE this rule states that white actors/actresses must be hired instead of non-white actors/actress when remaking or making a movie adaptation of a previous story and historical event that has non-white protagonist leads and action heroes. Non-white actors/actresses are not allowed to get lead, protagonist roles nor portraying themselves. They can be only hired for racist, stereotyping, humiliating, servile and dehumanizing roles

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