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examples and recent cases of musical plagiarism

youtube videos showing anglo-american music plagiarism

music videos 1

music videos 2

music videos 3

music videos 4

Producer Timbaland steal Arabic and middle eastern music

evidence 1

evidence 2

examples of Timbaland's rip offs

Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin” (Abdel Halim Hafez – “Khosara”)

Aaliyah – “Don’t Know What To Tell Ya” (Warda – “Batwanness Bik”)

Aaliyah – “More Than A Woman” (Mayada El Hennawi – “Alouli Ensa”)

Petey Pablo – “Raise Up” (Um Kulthoum – “Enta Omri”)

Ms. Jade – “Dead Wrong” (Kazem El Saher “El Zaman”)

Missy Elliott – “One Minute Man” (Joanna Mallah – “La Mostahel”)

Justin Timberlake – “(Oh No) What You Got” (Debka Druz – “Debka of the Druz”)

Utada Hikaru – “Exodus ’04” (Aitha Al Menhali – “Meshkeltek")

Ne-Yo and Fabulous – “Makes Me Better” (Sherine – “Aal Saaban Aleh”)

Nelly Furtado "Wait for You" (Muhlis Akarsu – “Allah Allah Desem Gelsem”)

The producer Timbaland used a song from a finish musician and used it for the song "Do it" by Nelly Furtado

Timbaland stole a Punjabi Music beat

Timbaland rip off sampling crystal castles courtship dating

Timbaland as always rips it off.
This time - from Rita, straight out of Greece

more videos showing anglo-American music rip offs and plagiarism can be found on you tube

recent cases of music plagiarism

Kanye west was sued for 4 times in 2010 for copyright infringement

kanye west using samples of other musicians

using other people's music 2

Nicki Minaj currently sampling other people's music to compensate for her horrible singing voice


ripped off annie lennox song "no more i love you"

ripping(sampling) of an older song( I can't remember the name)

ripped off the powerpuff girls theme

Lady Gaga is constantly accused of copying the works of others. everything she does, what she wears and her music are copies and rip offs of others. her last 3 singles are rip offs

Rihanna who like Nicki Minaj has a horrible singing voice she is also an unoriginal hack she is currently facing 2 lawsuits for copyright infringement

Jennifer Lopez ripping off Kat Deluna and Lambada

American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez, 41, is being accused of ripping off newbie singer, Kat Deluna, 23. One listen to the above posted comparative video of DeLuna's "Party O'Clock" and Lopez's "On the Floor" which illegally combines two preexisting songs and it becomes very apparent the allegations are true. The Lopez track was produced by chronic copyright infringer, Red One.

Lopez, seeking to breath life into her failing music career, has ripped off a younger rival, which is unseemly...and now embarrassing, as the story has been making its way around the internet and into the mainstream press. Ironically, both songs in the video sound like the music from "Lambada."

in the summer Shakira who sell out her Colombian music roots and dye her hair blonde(fitting in with Anglo-American racist entertainment industry) was sued for stealing the waka waka song for fifa world cup which is originally a Cameroonian/African song which was released in the 1980s

news link

original Cameroonian version

Shakira's plagiarized version

African artists often have their works plagiarized by Anglo-American hacks for decades

The Black Eyed Peas are famous for getting sued for copyright infringement by stealing other people's works

Beyonce is currently accused of copyright infringement for her show at the billboard awards. Beyonce is also known for being a song thief who was sued multiple times for music and dance plagiarism. the evidence is all over youtube.

in Feburary 2011 Econoline Crush Suing Nickelback For Copyright Infringement

in March 2011 Christina Aguilera is facing a lawsuit over a sample used in her 2006 single 'Ain't No Other Man'.

in April 2011 Cheryl Cole sued for copyright infringement over hit single

Calvin Harris has accused Chris Brown and Cobra Starship of copying his song "I am not alone"

other anglo-american hacks that sample his song are JLS(eys wide shut), Ke$ha(WE R WHO WE R), and Katy perry(california girls)

their videos are all on youtube

("We're definitely good, but I don't think you can say we're that original. I regard us as being incredibly good plagiarists." - Chris Martin, the Coldplay lead singer)

Coldplay is currently facing accusations of song plagiarism in their latest single "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall"

this new single used the riff/rhythm which is first used in "I Go To Rio" by Peter Allen and Adrienne Anderson and the song "El ritmo de la noche" by the Sacados

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