Sunday, January 8, 2012

Asian Industry Forum urges Asian investors and students to avoid racist Britain


London, Jan 7 (ANI): The Asian Industry Forum has advised its members, press and governments in the South Asian and ASEAN regions to avoid new investments in the UK due to the increasing number of attacks against people of Asian origin in the UK.
 They have also advised governments to instruct Asian students not to enroll in British universities as the racism, unemployment and alcoholism among the local White population has led to an increasing victimisation of seemingly well to do Asian students and businessmen.

In addition to the recent shocking and tragic murder of highly qualified Indian student, Anuj Bidve from Pune, there have been attacks on Indian businessmen, Chinese and Malaysian students and executives.
 It was pointed out by the forum that very few white members of the local population even bothered to sympathise with the parents of the Indian student when they visited UK.
 A christian student of nursing from Kerala was badly beaten up in East London by some white thugs recently and the police refused to take his complaint saying it was a civil matter.
 The Forum, a leading hub for businesses has suggested that the United States of America is a far more civilised and cultured place for students and businesses from Asia as it has always taken special care of Asian students almost all of whom are not only warmly received at universities but respected for their knowledge and contributions.
 The Forum president Mr. Chandramouli said, that old colonial powers like Britain learnt to change the deep seated arrogance and evil of racism in their countries rather than try to trumpet their false, newly manufactured Duchesses and princesses and royalty all over the world in such an irritating and childish fashion as if these are more interesting to foreigners than safety and courtesy on their streets. (ANI)

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