Thursday, December 8, 2011

WUSA 9 and Foxnews tries to stir up anti-asian racism by reporting a non news story

WUSA 9  a local TV station in Washington DC try to stir up anti-asian and anti-Japanese sentiment by reporting a non news story about a school attended by Obama's Daughters serving Asian and Japanese food.
  Manny Fantis a reporter tried to claim this is insensitive on the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour by the former Imperial Japanese Army in 1941

Fox news also Join the hate mongering

As proof that there's no excuse too flimsy for hate mongering against President Obama - especially if it has a connotation of being un-American - those "patriots" at Fox Nation have dug up this whine: The cafeteria at President Obama's daughters' school served - gasp! - Japanese food on Pearl Harbor Day. As it turns out, the actual meal was more Chinese than Japanese: teriaki chicken, fried rice, and fortune cookies. (H/T Barbara S.)
But, hey, why let a little detail like the difference between Chinese and Japanese get in the way of a good smear? Fox News' Todd Starnes, the author of the column Fox Nation based its post on, called his piece, Sushi on Pearl Harbor Day? thereby blithely ignoring his own reporting that indicated otherwise. Fox Nation likewise misleadingly put photos of sushi as the focal point of its post.
Starnes also suggested that the school itself planned the meal in some kind of secret solidarity with our enemies from 70 years ago - who happen to be our allies now. Starnes wrote,

The school told the Washington Post that their Pearl Harbor Day menu was completely coincidental. Anyone else buying that?
Of course, Starnes had no information that it wasn't coincidental. By the way, did Starnes drive to work today in a Toyota? Did he watch anything on a Panasonic Blu-Ray player? Listen to any Sony music?
Or is it just food that counts?
Starnes concluded with:

The President’s children may be feasting on Japanese food today but as for me — I’ll be eating an all American cheeseburger and maybe a slice of apple pie.
Apparently, that's all there is to his brand of patriotism.

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