Monday, December 5, 2011

Suppressed footage shows EDL thuggery

A suppressed video from June 2011 has emerged that shows unprovoked attacks on non-whites in Britain as officials ignore the threat of racist groups such as the English Defense League.

The video, which came out on YouTube but was later removed allegedly due to graphic violence, shows a man, who is identified as EDL member Cobz Smith, targetting non-whites on London's Underground and launching assaults on them with slaps and kicks.

Cobz Smith originally posted the video on his Facebook account under the name of “Da Cobmeister” on June 21 and commented “paid got what he deserved,” referring to the beatings of a man who is apparently an Asian.

The video could have been shot before the date specified by the EDL thug, yet the violence it graphically pictures, does provide an example of the wave of racist violence that keeps going as officials refuse to ban self-acknowledged far-right groups such as the EDL and the BNP.

This comes as none of the major British news outlets have said anything about the footage, neither back in June, nor later or up until the present moment, while the police and government officials have also remained silent on the issue.

The police and the government have repeatedly been accused of tolerating EDL or even covertly using it as an apparatus to face Islam.

An example of police tolerance of EDL thuggery is the October EDL march in Birmingham during which the racists hurled abuse at all non-white passerby, labeled anyone who looked like a Muslim as terrorist, and attacked anyone facing them with glass and fireworks.

Police made just four arrests after the incidents, one for possession of cannabis, another for an outstanding warrant, and two others for weapons offences; there was no talk of inciting racial hatred.

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