Thursday, December 29, 2011

racist hate crimes

A black family who moved to suburban Willowbrook claims their new, white neighbors harassed them, shot at them, drenched their driveway in animal blood to “rid the community of the coons,” and that police participated in the “daily” threats and harassment.


An interracial Newmarket couple plans to put their house up for sale after vandals scrawled racist graffiti on their cars and property for the third time in a matter of months.


An Indian student who was shot dead in the street in Manchester in the early hours of Monday could have been the victim of a racist attack.

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This certainly isn’t in the spirit of the holidays. A Gilbert man wakes up on Christmas Eve to a very frightening sight — a huge wooden cross had been constructed in their front yard.


YAKIMA, Wash. — Prosecutors today filed a hate-crime charge against a woman accused of pointing a a shotgun at a neighbor and her 2-year-old grandson while shouting that she hates Mexicans.


Two B.C. men who police say belong to an international white supremacist group are facing charges for a series of alleged hate crimes, including lighting a sleeping Filipino man on fire.


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