Thursday, November 10, 2011

Minnesota Candidate Recieves Racist Message From Alleged Rival Supporter


Bee Kevin Xiong, candidate for Saint Paul City Council Member in Ward 6, received a voicemail full of racist rants from a man alleged to be a supporter of incumbent Dan Bostrom.

Xiong, a long-time East Side Resident of Saint Paul, is running against the nearly 20 year incumbent Dan Bostrom for a seat on the Saint Paul City Council.
“You Hmongs have taken over this whole state.  We’ll never vote for you, because you’re Hmong,” said the man in the message, along with a couple four letter words.  You can listen to the message here.
There are no elected officials in Saint Paul or at the State Capitol from the Hmong Community.
Xiong met with his supporters at Polly’s Coffee Cove in Saint Paul on Payne Avenue Monday, a favorite haunt of Councilman Bostrom, to assure voters that he was going to stand strong in his candidacy.
Saint Paul residents go to the ballot box today (November 8th).
Upon listening to the message at the gathering at Polly’s Coffee Cove, two regular customers said they recognized the voice as another coffee shop regular often seen talking with Dan Bostrom.
Xiong has built tremendous momentum this election cycle across the East Side electorate and his signage outnumbers Dan Bostrom’s 3-to-1.
DFL insiders have privately said that Dan Bostrom’s campaign has become desperate in recent days, and when campaigns get desperate, supporters and workers do desperate and strange things.
Mr. Bostrom could not be reached for comment.

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