Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two men connected to white supremacist group sent to jail for racist assaults in Edmonton


EDMONTON — Two young men who handed out pamphlets for the white supremacist group Blood and Honour were sentenced Friday for their parts in a series of racially motivated assaults in Edmonton last February.
David Roger Goodman, 19, pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of criminal harassment, two counts of assault and causing a disturbance. He was sentenced to 15 months plus a year of probation to get counselling for a drinking problem.
James Andrew Brooks, 26, pleaded guilty in July to two counts of criminal harassment, causing a disturbance, assault and assault with a weapon. The court ordered a pre-sentence report, then Judge L.G. Anderson sentenced Brooks to 13 months in prison in a separate proceeding Friday.
Brooks, coincidentally, played a neo-Nazi skinhead descending into madness in a independent film called Blue Eyed Devil.
All charges relate to the evening of Feb. 12, which started with Brooks, Goodman and two friends handing out flyers promoting the group Blood and Honour.
They started drinking at bar, singing a “Nazi song” from the movie American History X, yelling racial slurs at non-white patrons and talking about hangings.
Two people, both black, told police they left because they felt unsafe.
Eventually the friends left and came across a group of black men. Goodman head-butted one of them, knocked him to the ground and punched him about 20 times while he was on the ground. Brooks and another accused kicked the man.
Goodman was later caught on video in a nearby liquor store bragging about the assault.
In the last confrontation, Goodman punched a bouncer who refused to let them into a club, and Brooks attacked a five-foot Caucasian girl who stood up for her non-white friend. He was charged with assault with a weapon because he punched her with a glove that had plastic knuckles.
The two friends with Brooks and Goodman are scheduled to appear again in court November and April.

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